CBD could help your body regulate its sleep cycle, leading to a more restful, focused, thriving lifestyle.


Studies on CBD have shown that it has a direct effect on key serotonin receptors, relieving anxiety.


Phytocannabinoids interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors, which may reduce pain and give you a chance to live in comfort.

CBD stands for “cannabidiol,” a non-addictive compound found in the hemp (or cannabis) flower. It’s just one among 120 phytocannabinoids that make hemp an incredibly powerful and therapeutic plant. Because our Colorado-grown hemp contains negligible amounts of THC, our CBD products support your body without causing the “high” so many people associate with cannabis.

Benefits and Uses of CBD


Cultivated in Colorado and formulated with care, CBD products from Black Sage Organics offer unparalleled purity and excellence. Integrate the benefits of CBD into your daily life with ease and comfort.

Why Choose Us

At Black Sage Organics, we strive to bring you natural supplements and products that you can trust. Our hemp is cultivated right here on American soil and goes through an extraction process that removes any trace amounts of THC. We want to give you an easy, simple, and worry-free way to implement CBD into your daily lives. Choose Black Sage Organics.

Each of our CBD products is carefully formulated from premium hemp cultivated in Colorado. One-hundred percent free of THC, these are the CBD solutions you can trust.

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When Will I Experience A Difference?

Because CBD supports your body on such a comprehensive, deep level, it can take some time for the results to make their way to the surface — where you can experience them. The key is being consistent and using a high-quality CBD product. Expect a week or more before feeling any results and alter dose as needed. If you’re not experiencing results after one week, gradually increase the dose over the course of a few days until you do.


How Do I Know How Much To Take?

As with any supplement, the effectiveness of a given CBD product is affected by many factors, including your weight, height, age, and metabolism. The best strategy is to start small with high-quality CBD products and monitor your results.

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